About us


My name is Gideon Luitwieler, founder and owner of G-dutch fitness clothing and accessories. This company started out of pure passion for fitness. I have been training intensively since I was 18 years old and at the moment I am thirty-five years old so I already have 17 years of experience in the fitness industry. This all started in the attic of my parents where I started training with my brother.

After four years of intensive training in the attic , I registered for the first time at a gym in Oud-Beijerland the Netherlands.

This is also where the ultimate idea was born to bring a fitness clothing brand to the market called G-Dutch which stands for my name Gideon and gym and of course gainz. How cool is it to have your own brand in a sector where your passion lies. What I want to propagate with my brand is that people must always persevere whether it is in sport or in life in general. don't get stuck in negativity but stay positive.

Chase your dreams and follow your passion and eventually you will get there.

Kind regards Gideon Luitwieler